The modern life-style demands lots of travelling, within and outside the country and without any kinds of travelling, a standard life is impossible these days! Travelling is the main ingredient of a holiday tour and the cost escalations in the travelling industry will certainly augment, the holiday cost. This affects mostly the common travellers and they will positively look for all possible ways, to get cheap ways of travelling.

When you analyze the different aspects of a holiday tour, you will come to know, that the bulk of the holiday budget goes to the air-fares and then for the hotel rooms! So, these are the areas where you should have some clear look-outs, in order to reduce the holiday expenses. If you can grab a really discounted flight-ticket and a discounted hotel room, you will be able to conduct a holiday tour, with a much reduced budget! For getting discount prices for flights and hotels, you have to understand some of the fundamental facts of the holiday business. If you are properly armed with this knowledge, you can at least try to make some savings, on the total holiday cost. Generally the prices of flight tickets and hotels vary according to the season and the time. Both hotel and airliners sell perishable services and if they are not able to sell their products each day, they won’t be able to carry them for the next day. So if they feel that their products are going to be unsold, for some particular day or days, they will practically think to sell them, at reduced rates! Generally, for getting good holiday prices, which includes airliner tickets and hotel rooms, you will have to book it either very earlier, which means almost three or four months before or by grabbing the last minute chances, which is usually around four or five days, prior to the departure date.