Cheap All Inclusive or Family Holidays Addu Atoll Addu Atoll Sun Holidays Review and Guide

Few destinations can compete with an all inclusive holiday in Addu Atoll in The Maldives including the other islands of the Maldives themselves. Addu Atoll is the only other part of the island group to rival capital Mal and with the upgrading of the airport to enable it to take long haul flights and development of an ultra luxury resort hotel on the nearby island of Viligili, the preferred choice for The Maldives is definitely going to be an Addu Atoll summer holiday. For honeymooners what could be more romantic than a cheap holiday in Addu Atoll that is a heart shaped group of 23 islands. Thanks to some interesting history 3 of the islands are connected by walkways so romantic strolls over crystal blue warm waters between lagoons and fringed palm beaches is hard to beat as a leisurely activity. This history has also had other influences and on an Addu Atoll summer holiday you’ll experience a slightly different feel to the rest of the country. It is also one of the few destinations that is accessible financially to independent travellers who gravitate towards a cheap holiday on Addu Atoll spent at Gan.

Nobody taking a cheap holiday to Addu Atoll should pass up the opportunity to experience the fantastically varied sea life and shipwrecks that makes the coral reefs such a draw for scuba divers and snorkelers. Beginners will find plenty of courses and available and you’ll soon be diving in lagoons as warm as your hotel Jacuzzi and are reputedly the best in The Maldives.