Cheap All Inclusive or Family Holidays Athens Athens Sun Holidays Review and Guide

Not so many years ago mention an all inclusive holiday in Athens and only the bravest would venture forth to a city full of some of the most iconic sites of the world but plagued by searing heat made unbearable by suffocating pollution from millions of cars. Take an Athens summer holiday post Greece’s EU entry and it’s one of the best destinations in Europe, befitting its cultural heritage and modern standing. The Greek capital truly is a city of wonders and most of the sites need no introduction but for the uninitiated a cheap holiday to Athens will probably be defined by the stupendous sight of the floodlit Parthenon on its Acropolis pedestal. The other world heritage site in the city is the Daphni Monastery and the National Archaeological Museum is not to be missed. There are also the modern landmarks that make up an important part of an Athens summer holiday such as the Hellenic Parliament, the new Acropolis Museum and the Athens Trilogy; the National Library of Greece, Athens University and the Athens Academy.

With the massive redevelopment of infrastructure generated by the 2004 Olympics it’s now so much easy to get around on a cheap holiday to Athens and city life offers a full range of trendy entertainments. There’s 148 theatrical stages – the most in anyone place in the world and with music venues and nightclubs, the digital magnificence of the Planetarium and a thriving food culture, it can honestly be said that an Athens summer holiday is the best of both worlds – ancient and modern.