Cheap All Inclusive or Family Holidays Crete Crete Sun Holidays Review and Guide

an all inclusive holiday in Crete is many things to all people. It is the southernmost island in Europe and the largest of the Greek Islands and is the perfect holiday destination whether you want a break full of energetic activities, a hideaway for rest and relaxation or just to party all night long. A Crete summer holiday offers a trip to a land rich in history and tradition, fabulous weather and friendly people. The island is a geographical hotchpotch of mountains and clear seas, of large busy towns and tiny villages, of beautiful bays and tiny inlets and you’ll never be bored on a cheap holiday to Crete. If you want to trek through olive clad hills or dive in under sea caves, jump on a jet ski or helter down 100 foot of water slide, observe wildlife or bird watch or just lie on a sun bed on a gorgeous beach with your nose in a book while the kids build sand castles then is it worth booking anything other than a Crete summer holiday.

This is an aromatic island and the smells add to the heady atmosphere of a cheap holiday to Crete. As well as the pervasive smell of wild herbs and flowers, there’s strong sweet coffee and roasting lamb in garlic and olive oil wafting out of the tavernas. And don’t forget the history. Like with any Grecian island, a Crete summer holiday is a journey back to the times when the Greeks ruled the world.