Cheap All Inclusive or Family Holidays Halkidiki Halkidiki Sun Holidays Review and Guide

Three uniquely characterful fingers of a peninsula reach out into the Aegean Sea and taking an all inclusive holiday in Halkidiki means choosing the one that best suits. With sun kissed beaches, dinky harbours, verdant slopes sprinkled with villages and monasteries and tons of ancient ruins and monuments you either go for wild and rugged Sithonia with its secluded bays or Kassandra where it’s greener and bluer. The third finger, however, the mysterious Athos is pretty much off limits for a Halkidiki summer holiday as it is a holy region of monasteries only accessible by sight from cruise ships and boat tours. No woman is ever allowed to set foot on Mount Athos. cheap holidays in Halkidiki for an easy pace of life, enjoyment of nature and uncomplicated resorts will be located in Sithonia. Seek refuge from the modern trappings of tourism in deserted beaches hidden between shrubs and bushes or in steep pine covered slopes which are a fantastic place for horse-riding. The Sithonia region is a cheap holiday in Halkidiki that combines beauty and hospitality in time honoured Greek fashion.

The Kassandra area is the location for a Halkidiki summer holiday more redolent of modern vacations. Coastal areas are well developed resorts with the odd uncrowded hide-away and there are plenty of recreational facilities including a really good range of water sports. It’s a gentler landscape with rolling plains and undulating hills, lush vegetation and cultivated agricultural fields. a cheap holiday to Halkidiki spent in Kassandra is usually chosen thanks to the beautiful beaches.