Cheap Crete Holidays, all inclusive, family Package Holidays in Crete

A stunning 1000 km coastline full of coves, peninsulas, bays and golden sandy beaches, Crete is the largest of all Greek islands. The diverse landscape on Crete holidays makes it a favourite destination of most travellers. On Our President Travels cheap holidays to Crete from the UK, find stunning mountains with caves, giving way to steep gorges that extend to the sparkling blue waters, huge plateaus and fertile plains occupy the interiors, to the east- the only European palm tree forest beach and the south coast having a great number of beautiful beaches.

  • Perfect Family Destination

On family holidays to Crete, snorkelling is a pleasurable experience due to the brilliant quality of the waters. The beaches of Crete differ in features according to their location, the beaches on the south coast are occupied by the campers and the beaches on the north coast are ideal for families due to their warm, shallow waters. Crete family holidays are perfect during the summer months when the water is warm and welcoming.

  • Perfect for Everyone

Entertainment wise all inclusive Crete holidays offer you snorkelling, swimming, sightseeing, singing and dancing. Byzantine monasteries, mosques, Venetian palaces and traditional villages are the main sites on bargain holidays to Crete. Crete is very well known for its hospitability owing it to the God of hospitability Zeus, who was born in a cave on the island. The Cretan citrus fruits grown in the fertile grounds of the island and the fine olive oil from the endless olive groves of the isle are the specialties of the island. All inclusive holidays in Crete are perfect for anyone and everyone.

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