Cheap All Inclusive or Family Holidays Lefkas Lefkas Sun Holidays Review and Guide

For a Greek Island where tradition maintains a strong foothold amid the rampage of modern tourism, you’ll be wanting an all inclusive holiday in Lefkas. This is a place where proud men spend hours in the village squares discussing the latest politics over a glass of Metaxa or ouzo, where you’ll see delicate cups of sweet coffee lifted by leathery fishermen’s hands and where elder women in black dresses and headscarves chatter gossip from chairs on their doorsteps. A Lefkas summer holiday is an atmospheric delight of sights and smells of an island where mountain peaks exceed 1000m, where olive groves battle for space with pine forest and where beautiful beaches sing paradise. What’s more, there are 10 secluded satellite islets that mean an all inclusive holiday in Lefkas is the perfect place to escape from the real world back home. The main resorts are on the east side of the island including the capital, Lefkas Town, which is a definite place to visit wherever you choose to stay on a Lefkas summer holiday. Purpose built resorts mix with tiny villages to provide diverse destinations for all vacation tastes. Beach lovers and the family brigade will find many to their liking, water sports enthusiasts have a complete menu to pick from and sailors are particularly attracted to a summer holiday on Lefkas. Culture vultures will be immensely satisfied with their options and while nightlife depends on where you stay, you can be guaranteed one absolute thing on a Lefkas summer holiday – a very warm friendly welcome.