Cheap All Inclusive or Family Holidays Lesvos Lesvos Sun Holidays Review and Guide

Take a sprinkling of picturesque villages, a good heap of stupendous beaches and friendly people, season it with some thermal springs then serve it up with a big dollop of history and a side order of interesting architecture and you’ve got the recipe for an all inclusive holiday in Lesbos. In fact there’s a whole menu of delights and people of all tastes are welcome to the banquet of an all inclusive holiday in Lesvos. The beaches are definitely la creme de la creme. Some are busy with activity and water sports, while others are deserted. Easily the best beach to visit on a Lesvos summer holiday is Skala Erresos, with the village nearby being the birthplace of the poet Sappho. It only needs one word to sum it up-incredible. The beaches around the hot springs near Eftalou are unique and the long sandy stretch at Tavari makes a good choice for families wanting a cheap holiday on Lesvos.

It’s impossible to write up all the wonderful other attractions you’ll find on a Lesvos summer holiday; A petrified forest and an interior absolutely packed with lush vegetation and about 280 species of bird, idyllic olive groves for hiking, chilled ouzo and olive oil like liquid gold, whitewashed villages with houses practically hidden under wisteria and bougainvillea, tavernas selling grilled sardines c aught but hours before and a great array of archaeological reminders of simpler times. Add to that, Panigyria, a magnificent pagan festival and there’s just a few of the reasons for a cheap holiday to Lesvos.