Cheap All Inclusive or Family Holidays Madeira Madeira Sun Holidays Review and Guide

It’s quite rare to be able to describe a trip in Europe as entirely unique but for an all inclusive holiday in Madeira it’s actually not too far from the truth. There are plenty of destinations which can claim beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes and a rich and varied culture but on Madeira they all have that little nuance that makes the island stand out from the rest. Sitting in the Atlantic Ocean west of Portugal and enjoying a year round mild climate fuelled by the Gulf Stream, a Madeira summer holiday usually leaves people wondering why they haven’t been before. Stunning volcanic scenery with great rock protuberances covered in lush greenery, stepped irrigation channels and abstract swathes of black sand in a rugged coastline are all features of a Madeira cheap holiday. You can visit the volcanic caves at Sao Vicente or the Story Centre, an interactive museum which chronicles the island’s history or you can simply relax on a beach after a spot of diving or swimming in the crystal clear blue seas. A Madeira cheap holiday offers plenty of interesting diversions.

Funchal is the islands capital and is home to luxurious top quality hotels and high class restaurants which are another draw for a cheap holiday to Madeira. The panoramic harbour in a natural amphitheatre nestled between banana plantations and swathes of omnipresent bursts of beautiful blooms is a sight to be seen and like the wine, a Madeira cheap holiday is sweet and inviting and this is one place to have your cake and eat it.