Cheap Morocco Holidays, All Inclusive, Family Package Holidays in Morocco


Take Holidays in Morocco, located on the North Western tip of Africa is a great place to spend your vacation this year because of the unique position of the country.  On one side it is the sea and on the other land.  Moreover, neighbouring it is the Western Sahara, the desert land. Discover President Travels cheap Morocco holidays are lucky as they touch both the great oceans, North Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea.  The Strait of Gibraltar joins the two between Spain and Morocco.

  •  Morocco Sandwiched By Land and Sea

Atlas mountain range is another appeal to Morocco holiday packages, Middle Atlas, Anti-Atlas and High Atlas are the three zones of this mountain.  Jebel Toukbal with a height of 13000 ft. and it is a great place for trekking holidays in Morocco.  You can climb the mountain in two days, if the climate is good.  The overwhelming wide deserts and the green river valleys at the foot of the mountains are landscapes entirely different in nature and climate.

  •  The Food

Tagine, a food preparation of lamb and vegetable casserole is a favourite of Morocco.  Mint tea is popular here.  Opening into the sea are the Agadir, Marrakech, Essaouira and Ouarzazate resorts.  Remember that direct flights from UK for all inclusive Morocco holidays are available with President Travels.  All inclusive holidays in Morocco means reducing the flight expense also, but including all your holiday needs.

  •  Activities

Jeep Safari, hiking expeditions, bike excursions are adventurous sports your family can indulge in in Agadir.  Taghazout is famous for its wind and kite surfing. With all these activities you better book your family Holidays to Morocco this year, but that’s not all, there is more.  Marrakech is Morocco’s largest souk (market).  Here you can acquaint yourself with all that is old and traditional in Morocco.  You can see fire-eaters, sorcerers, musicians and snake charmers, Morocco an ideal family break.