Cheap All Inclusive or Family Holidays Portugal Portugal Sun Holidays Review and Guide

Don’t be fooled into thinking that because it shares the Iberian Peninsula that an all inclusive holiday in Portugal is the same as a visit to Spain. From eponymous Porto in the north to the alluring Algarve in the south, Portugal is a land steeped in tradition borne from a history as a pioneering seafaring nation of explorers. Modernity battles heritage and delivers a cultural diversity to scintillating cities, sleepy villages and stupendous beaches. A Portugal summer holiday offers an Atlantic or Mediterranean holiday for every type of tourist. If it is city culture that you are looking for on your summer holiday to Portugal, head to capital Lisbon where you can wander narrow lanes up steep hillsides to a gothic cathedral or the Moorish castle or amble along wide tree lined streets to the seaside, window shopping in elegant boutiques on the way. Or take a Portugal summer holiday to Porto where the city has drunk from the fountain of youth and has rejuvenated as a destination for architecture lovers, music buffs and gourmets.

If your Portugal summer holiday is a search for the sun then there’s the dramatic but peaceful Atlantic Estremaduran coast which is undiscovered apart from a few key resort areas or you can head south to the sophisticated Algarve. The Algarve is all about modern resorts abutting quaint fishing villages, gorgeous sandy beaches from craggy rocky inlets to expansive dunes, villas galore and plenty of touristy things to do. Wherever you head, a cheap holiday to Portugal meets expectations with a passion.