Cheap All Inclusive or Family Holidays Samos Samos Sun Holidays Review and Guide

We’ve got a theory. Well actually Pythagoras did have and a world famous one at that and if you take an all inclusive holiday in Samos you’ll be visiting the island where he worked out all the about the square of the hypotenuse. Today the squares are quaint, cobbled, set with pavement cafes and dinky churches and you’re far more likely to find a Samos summer holidaymaker than a Greek with an abacus. Samos is one of the larger and beautiful south Aegean islands and is close to the Turkish coast. It’s quite mountainous, very fertile and a big wine and olive producer. Although tourism plays a big part in the economy, people who take a cheap holiday to Samos are surprised by how traditional the island has managed to stay under the onslaught on resort development. It’s not the pace for wild party vacations but a Samos summer holiday is a delightful retreat appreciated by families and couple who want to relax and get away from it all to a place of towering hills, lush forests, bijou villages, medieval churches, fabulous beaches and secluded coves.

On a cheap holiday to Samos you’ll have a choice of a number of beautiful resorts; Samos Town is in a pretty horseshoe bay and a well developed waterfront or there’s pretty Potami or Ano Vathi and if you have a passion for small working fishing ports your summer holiday to Samos is best based in somewhere like Kokkari. You might also like to take a day trip across to ancient Ephesus, in Turkey.