Cheap All Inclusive or Family Holidays Skopelos Skopelos Sun Holidays Review and Guide

Mamma Mia! It’s an all inclusive holiday in Skopelos. The film crew and sets may have long since packed up their bags and returned to Hollywood but the sights and scenes that brought the here in the first place remain in all their magnificent glory. Unfussy unlike the trappings of tinsel town, here life is a laid back affair, where the sheer beauty of the surroundings is appreciated and where visitors on a Skopelos summer holiday are warmly welcomed to share all the delights on offer. If you are looking for a real Mediterranean hideaway you’ll find it on a cheap holiday to Skopelos. Even with the new found fame, this is no tourist magnet and thankfully if you want tranquil and secluded this is where you’ll find it in abundance. Maybe it’s because it has no airport and getting to the island is as much a part of choosing a cheap holiday to Skopelos as it is being there. Once you’ve reached your destination on a Skopelos summer holiday you’ll be embroiled in a palette of green and blue as this is one of the most verdant Greek islands but there are flashes of white everywhere. Villages of sugar cube houses and over 300 churches and monasteries break up the green fields and hillsides that provide some great trails and hikes for walkers who are attracted to a Skopelos summer holiday. All the trappings of a traditional vacation are there too and there are plenty of beautiful beaches to be enjoyed on a Skopelos summer holiday.